The craftmanship and design of yesterday tools have gradually transform them into works of industrial art. In this album we explore the beauty of vintage tools that still have something to give us. They state an eternal reminder of what can be made with wood, metal and stone.

  • Content creation: Patroklos Stellakis
  • Styling: Patroklos Stellakis
  • Light: studio & natural
  • Request: Yesterday tools with a strong art statement
  • Project: Website & Social Media visual content for a client
  • Note: These vintage tools are part of my personal collection.

Finds of actual tools date back at least 2.6 million years in Ethiopia. One of the earliest distinguishable stone tool forms is the hand axe. Up until recently, weapons found in digs were the only tools of “early man” that were studied and given importance. Read more facts about tools in this History article.

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